RINGHORNS CHARGER bokso pirštinės

RINGHORNS CHARGER bokso pirštinės

Kaina: 31.95€

Prekės kodas: RH-00001-114

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    Ringhorns Charger Boxing Gloves: Get the maximum power!

    Ideal for beginners in boxing or for occasional practice, the Ringhorns Charger Boxing Gloves offer a maximal comfort at an unrivaled price.

    Work your range and progress with quality materials. Charge your experience and become more powerful.

    • Multi-layer system guaranteeing a good shock absorption.
    • Mesh panel on the palm for a better thermoregulation.
    • Flexible and durable PU.
    • Large cuff for better wrist protection.
    • Great quality Velcro.
    • Attached thumb to decrease the risk of injury.
    • Available in several colors (black, red, black/black, black/neo yellow).